Team Elixarome


Arthur Phillips – CEO – Head of Technical over 50 years experience in the flavour, fragrance and essential oils industry

Diane Carter – Managing & Financial Director​​

Ian Brockbank – Technical Director


Elizabeth Drew – Customer Service & Admin ​


Andre Marshall – Sales Director ​

Quality Control

Julie Phillips – QC Manager​

Christy Chu – QC Analyst​


Daren Collins – Operations Manager​

Matthew Burling – Production Team Leader​

John Ford – Senior Compounder​

Tyler Mace – Compounder​

Dan Lewton – Compounder

Darren Brown – Warehouse Maintenance

elixarome the team

Technical Team

Our technical expertise in essential oil chemistry means our team of flavourists and perfumers are capable of producing both flavours and fragrances bespoke to our customer’s requirements.​

Our QC department rigorously tests our raw materials and products prior to use and despatch to our customers, to ensure all of our materials and products are of genuine quality. ​

Specifications are available for all products.


Charlotte Hocde – Chief Flavourist​

Kathuicia Claude – Flavourist​

Joanna Brzezinski – Regulatory & Compliance​

Emilie Courtois – Perfumer​

James Hill – Trainee Flavourist


elixarome team