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Elixarome is a specialist flavour and fragrance house producing both standard and bespoke products. We are interested in your flavour and fragrance concerns. How can we help solve today’s problem?


Elixarome sources products from around the world using tried and tested suppliers offering strong traceability and verifiable assurance of authenticity.


Elixarome has a deep infrastructure of technical expertise in essential oil chemistry and in the flavour and fragrance fields. Broad analytical skills support the product quality ethic. In production Elixarome has extensive extraction and compounding skills.


The company has a wide range of technical resources available to it. These include liquid and super-critical CO2 extraction plus steam, molecular and fractional distillation. These are available in both laboratory scale and commercial scale allowing product and process development. New investment in dry powder mixing and plating has extended the existing compounding facilities. Further new investment has gone into completely new laboratories which support Elixarome’s work with full in-house analytical services. This provides strong and effective intake, manufacture and despatch quality control.


Offering new ideas and solving old problems is central to Elixarome. The company welcomes the opportunity to contribute in depth knowledge and new thinking to customers’ concerns.


Quality products come from a clear understanding of the raw materials and their application. Elixarome offers extensive knowledge and experience to add value to the supplier role.

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Elixarome is currently accredited by a number of external agencies:

Brand Recognition through Compliance Global Standards