English Essential Oils

In 1998 the cooperative of growers of hops for the brewing trade were looking for new opportunities that would enable them to use more fully their facilities for growing, extraction and distillation of hops.

Elixarome was trading in the same location in Paddock Wood, Kent and specialised in essential oil chemistry and marketing.

The mutual interests of the two businesses came together in a joint venture project to develop the propagation, growing, harvesting, distillation and marketing of essential oils that could be produced in England.

Five years of development followed to establish the optimum species for the various locations and after extensive micro-propagation the fields were planted, the specialised harvesting machines were manufactured and the distillation facilities were built.

Since that time Elixarome has been controlling the chemistry and quality control of the essential oils and supporting the growers with full technical services and marketing expertise for their produce. The area of crops has steadily expanded and in the last year a further 20% has been added to the area of lavender plantations.

The essential oils being produced are:

Lavendar Oil English

Essence of Quality


Elixarome is currently accredited by a number of external agencies:

Brand Recognition through Compliance Global Standards